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Episodio 2 – La tienda de Sara

Cava Baja Nivel 1

Vamos a aprender vocabulario Completa los huecos. Marca la opción correcta Lee las frases y marca la opción correcta.

Episodio 1 – Marcos conoce a Sara

Cava Baja Nivel 1

Vamos a aprender vocabulario Verdadero, falso o no menciona Lee las frases y marca la opción correcta (verdadero, falso o no menciona) ¿Marcos o Sara? Completa los huecos. Escribe Marcos o Sara. Practica los verbos Completa los huecos. Conjuga los verbos entre paréntesis.

Meet the stars of Cava Baja

Cava Baja featured

    Here’s a book you won’t want to to put down – our new comic strip ‘Cava Baja’ where we follow the adventures of flatmates Marco, Belén, Sara and Tony. The early episodes are for A1 students, but then it will get more challenging as the story unfolds. Here we introduce the main characters as well as some learning activities and Episode 1 follows soon.          

December Arts and Culture in London

Hispanic London

Blood Wedding at Spanish Theatre Company in Southwark, 15 Nov- 17 Dec Under a burning and unrelenting sun, two families prepare for a wedding with anticipation.  Their destinies will be forever marked by their traditions, passions and suppressed past. Lorca’s masterpiece will be the opening production at the Cervantes Theatre in London, with two different casts which will perform in Spanish and in English. For those of you who brave the Spanish version of the production, you will have a…

Blood Wedding

Noticias de la semana

The cold of the winter has arrived, and at this temperature, there is nothing better than to go to the movies or the theatre. And for Spanish students interested in Hispanic culture this month have the opportunity to see a play by one of the great writers of Spain, Federico García Lorca. Lorca was the great Spanish poet of the 20th century, and one of the best playwrights, along with Valle-Inclán. He was born in 1898 in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada,…