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Nivel 1 – Episodio 2 – ¿Tú o usted?

Cava Baja Nivel 1 (Episodios 1-5)



Completa las preguntas con el verbo en la forma de tú o usted:

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  1. Meenah

    This is really good fun. I think the the tests at the end are great for follow up 🙂

  2. Jenny

    This is a fun exercise. It would be great if you could add in the capability to add in accents as I don’t have them on my keyboard.

    • Ruth Andres

      Thanks for that comment Jenny.
      Do you have Windows? Why don’t you try the following:
      á = AltGr + a
      é = AltGr + e
      í = AltGr + i
      ó = AltGr + o
      ú = AltGr + u

      Let us know if that works for you.

  3. Ben Street

    Super helpful, thank you.

  4. Christiana

    Can we save our answers once we’ve got them right?

  5. Steve

    A fun way to revise simple things that I learned many levels ago but easily make mistakes on in the endless mission to get the subjunctive correct!

  6. Christine

    Really enjoy practicing like this! Having trouble with the accent, it shows it as incorrect without it, but struggle to add it