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Nivel 2 – Episodio 6 – ¡Buenas noticias!

Cava Baja Nivel 2 (Episodios 1-5)

Vamos a aprender vocabulario

Usos de SER y ESTAR

Practica SER y ESTAR

Completa los huecos. Escribe “es” o “está”.

Lee las frases y marca la opción correcta.

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  1. anjali martin

    Isn’t it ‘esta muy nerviosa’ and ‘esta muy enfadado’ in slides 3 and 4?

    • Ruth Andres

      Hola, Anjali:
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      Yes, you are right, that is the answer, but you might have had it wrong because you didn’t write the written accent “á”: remember, the singular third person (“él”, “ella”) for the verb “estar” is conjugated as “está” (with a graphic accent).
      Gracias por leer Cava Baja, :-).


      • Christiana

        Hola Ruth! How do we insert the accents/tildes using an English laptop keyboard? On my android mobile, I can press the keys down and the accent options appear. I stopped doing the exercises on this website because it was telling me my answers were wrong because I couldn’t insert the accents. It would be good if there was a permanent info section here which told us how to include them.