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La casa de Bernarda Alba

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If you want to enjoy one of the most famous Spanish plays then go and see La casa de Bernarda Alba, written by one of the greatest Spanish authors of the 20th century: Federico García Lorca.

He wrote this play in 1936 and was killed two months after finishing it in the Spanish Civil War. La casa de Bernarda Alba was censored and wasn’t shown until 1950.

Lorca described his play as a drama of women in the villages of Spain and here the setting is a small town in Andalusia where the whole play takes place in the home of Bernarda, who lives with her 5 daughters (Angustias, Martirio, Magdalena, Amelia and Adela), her senile mother (Maria Josefa) and her maid (La Poncia).

The play starts with Bernarda’s husband’s funeral and follows with the period of strict mourning that Bernarda imposes on her daughters. The end result is an environment of oppression, jealousy and suppressed sexuality, which ends up in a dramatic turn of events.

They are showing performances in Spanish (Monday to Wednesday) and English (Thursday to Saturday). For more information click in the link below:


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