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La Clave festival 2018 – June 9, 1pm to 9pm

Hispanic London

Hola chicas y chicos,

Did you visit last Feria de Londres in the Southbank? And if so, did you have fun?

If you saw the event and would like another party then this blog is for you. And if you missed it and you’re wondering when is the next Hispanic festival, don’t worry there’s one coming. All you have to do is read this blog.

The festival is called “La Clave” and I believe its slogan explains it all: The day that London goes Latin. During the last years they have been celebrating this festival in the Crouch End area, so it was a bit local, but this year, they have decided to expand it to the centre.

This year it takes over the stunning Scoop venue on the South Bank, between Tower Bridge and London Bridge.

On June 9, from 1pm to 9pm, international bands from Mexico and Colombia join the plethora of UK-Latin talent, to take you on a journey through Latin Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Boleros, Samba and Latin Hip-Hop, culminating in a full-on Salsa band and the latest Reggaetón hits via the UK’s best Latin DJs.

This music festival is for adults, but they also organise lots of activities for the whole family (face painting, sports) and you can also try some very nice food from different countries. So if you like arepas, paella, croquetas, tacos, burritos, lomitos, this is your place.

To have a better idea of what the party is about see

And if you would like to see the full programme with all the activities, check below link:

¡Espero que lo paséis muy bien!


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