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Post-Franco Expression and Peace in Colombia

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Here are three events this month which are both cultural and political. The exhibition at The Red Gallery shows art from “one of the most explosive moments in the country” whilst the Colombia: Peace Art Culture event invites us to consider Colombia’s future whilst enjoying an evening of Colombian entertainment. Finally, the Annual Catalan Lecture at Queen Mary’s explores Francoist anti-Catalanism during the Civil War.


La Movida Madrileña 1975/85 at Red Gallery, 9-27 Nov


La Movida Madrileña was a creative, cross-discipline, counter-cultural movement that took over a neglected Spanish society between the 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. Following Franco’s death in 1975 the liberally minded creatives of Spain were free to express themselves and the marginalised through a variety of art forms. This exhibition looks at the photography of the influential Miguel Trillo as well as posters, magazines and video screenings from the time.

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Colombia: Peace Art Culture at St Ethelburga’s Peace and Reconciliation Centre, 18 November


New Tribe Arts Development brings you an evening of Colombian Art and Culture, reflecting on the desire of Peace and Reconciliation. Expect poetry, art music and more.

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Francoist Anti-Catalanism in the Spanish Civil War: From the Battle of the Ebro to occupation, pillage and exodus: The Queen Mary Annual Catalan Lecture at Queen Mary, University of London, 29 November


This lecture, with Professor Paul Preston, explores the scale of Spanish anti-Catalanism in the Civil War. Franco carried out a campaign of extermination against Catalunya just as he had done previously with other regions.

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