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Taste of Catalonia at the Southbank 15-16 July

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Here is an article about great foods from my region Catalunya (Catalonia) in Spain.

When it comes to Spanish food, people often think tapas, tortilla, paella and Rioja, but of course there are many great tastes from Spain and this weekend (15th and 16th July) you have a chance to try many Catalan flavours at the Southbank.

‘Taste of Catalonia‘ brings the very best Catalan culture and cuisine to recreate an energetic Catalan market. There will be some authentic producers offering samples of their products, a bar with Estrella Damm beer and plenty of wine.

In fact Catalonia is very famous for its wine, especially Cava, which is very similar to Champagne but has its own D.O. Other famous Catalan wines with D.O are:

  • Penedés: without any doubt the most famous of all Catalan DOPenedés wine is considered one of the country’s best wine-producing regions after Rioja. Perhaps the region is better-known for Cava production, a sparkling wine made with white grape varieties predominate, although the region also produces some highly regarded, oak-aged reds.
  • Terra Alta: Maybe here I am a bit partial, as my family comes from that part of the region. Terra Alta is in the south of Catalonia, on the border with Comunidad Valenciana and Aragón. They have famous white grapes, such as Garnacha, Moscatel and Chardonnay; and red grapes such as Tempranillo, Syrah, Grenache and Merlot.
  • Priorat: The traditional grape variety grown in El Priorat is the red Garnacha Tinta.
  • Alella: most famous for its white wine, very good wine for summer.


Some of our most important dishes are:

  • Mongetes amb botifarra (beans and pork sausage) (pic 2)
  • Suquet de peix (a seafood casserole)
  • Calçot (specially cultivated onion, grilled and served as a “Calçotada”) (pic 1)
  • Cargols a la llauna (cooked snails)
  • Escalivada (various grilled vegetables)
  • Escudella (a stew, it may be served as soup with pasta and minced meats and vegetables, or as the soup first and then the rest)
  • Esqueixada (salted cod salad with tomato and onion) (pic 3)
  • Mar i Muntanya (“Sea and Mountain”) dishes, which combine meat and seafood

Not only will you have the opportunity to eat and drink but you can also enjoy different activities and even get some tourist information.  You can also enjoy a DJ and music while you are eating.

Below you can see the full programme. Take a look at all the exciting activities and events that will be taking place over the weekend – which ones are you looking forward to attending? I would look forward to attending the wine tasting and show cooking by a Michelin chef.

For more information please click here.


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