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Nivel 2 – Episodio 2 – Me encanta la pizza

A1 (levels 1-3) Cava Baja Cava Baja Nivel 2 (Episodios 1-3)

Verdadero, falso o no menciona Lee las frases y marca la opción correcta (verdadero, falso o no menciona) ¿Belén, Toni, Marcos o Sara? ¿GUSTA O GUSTAN? CONTRASTAR GUSTOS Click here for the next episode  

Nivel 2 – Episodio 3 – ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Cava Baja Nivel 2 (Episodios 1-3)

Lee las frases y completa las actividades VOCABULARIO DEL TIEMPO ¿QUÉ TIEMPO HACE? Mira la imagen y escribe MESES DÍAS DE LA SEMANA Click here for the next episode

El Clásico week!

Blogs and social events

Hola Chicos y Chicas! Have you already booked your place for El Clásico match in the pub? If not, please hurry up as we would love to have you and share your knowledge of Spanish football with us.  I believe would be great to have a room for ourselves instead of sitting far away from the screen and not being able to watch the match properly. We will be lucky to watch this match as there are only 6 matches left…

El Clásico Real Madrid vs Barcelona (La Liga) 23 April 7.45pm

Blogs and social events

Hola chicos!! After we set a Cinema club, who would be up for a football match?? On Sunday 23rd April at 7.45pm is one of the most important football matches of the year – El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona. And this time it’s even more important as the end of La Liga is coming and both teams are fighting for it. We had an idea: what could be better than watching the match together with other students and teachers?…

Nivel 2 – Episodio 4 – ¿A qué hora os ducháis?

Cava Baja Nivel 2 (Episodios 1-3)

LA RUTINA DE SARA Arrastra la palabra correcta: CRUCIGRAMA Completa el crucigrama de los verbos del presente – please note crosswords are not compatible with certain devices. If you can’t see all of the screen please click here.   RUTINA DIARIA DE MARCOS Y SARA Click here for the next episode