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Spain’s Halloween Day

Noticias de la semana

No pumpkins, costumes or “trick or treat”, but chestnuts, flowers and sweets – many sweets!!! Spain is also celebrating its Halloween. But not the way the Americans do it. Spain’s celebration is the Christian version of the original Celtic festival.

Argentina Film Festival – 20th October

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South Social Meets Argentina 20 October-  The South Social Film Festival at The Cinema Museum presents Wild Tales, a black comedy anthology that looks at the darkest aspects of human behaviour. This award winning collection of 6 short Argentinian films was directed by Damián Szifrón and produced by Pedro Almodóvar. The evening begins with live music and the film is followed by a milonga (traditional Argentinian ballroom dancing). Traditional food is served throughout the evening. For more information and to book tickets please click here.

Spanish Politics – Still No End In Sight

Noticias de la semana

As some of you may have read, last November I wrote about the Spanish elections that were taking place in December 2015.  Fast forward 10 months and we still haven’t elected a president, but believe me, most Spaniards seem to be happier without one. Historically Spanish politics has been dominated by 2 main parties – the socialist PSOE  and the more conservative PP and since the early 80’s Spanish presidents have been elected from one of these parties. But since 15-M, a…

Let’s meet La Familia de Marcos

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Let’s meet Marcos and his family. And after you can do the interactive activities to practice. Vamos a conocer a Marcos y su familia. Y después puedes hacer las actividades interactivas para practicar. This Comic and the interactive activities are for Level 1 students (but level 2 and 3 students can play too). Este Comic y las actividades interactivas son para el Nivel 1 (pero estudiantes de los niveles 2 y 3 también pueden jugar). En esta presentación Marcos habla de su…

The legacy of ‘La Vargas’ and the traditional music of Mexico

Noticias de la semana

Mexico is mourning the loss of musical legend, Juan Gabriel, however this best selling rancheras singer-songwriter of Latin America does not hold the same allure as the notable and defiant female rancheras artist: Chavela Vargas. Conventionally, the rancheras were sung by men and accompanied by a group of mariachis with guitars, violins, double bass and harp. They were songs of the Revolution which came about as a reaction to the aristocratic European music that Mexican elites used to listen to. The term “rancheras” comes from the…