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Cuarta Peli: El laberinto del fauno

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Hola amantes del cine,

What a great night we had again!! And again a big thank you to all of you who came and make it possible to run the Cinema Club.

It was great to see familiar faces from the three last films and also share a conversation with other students about film, even about the first minute of the movie.

Watching movies allows us to learn about differences between countries and some history and that was the reason why we chose “El laberinto del fauno”. The movie reflects perfectly the situation that we lived in Spain 70 years ago.

There are different reasons why I personally loved the movie and one is because I always like history and specially modern history, I liked a lot the actor that plays Capitán Vidal and the movie is placed in the region where my family comes from, Aragón.

What I liked most about the film (apart from the amazing makeup and screenplay) is the fairy-tale story that Ophelia creates in order to suffer less.

At that time plenty of families were destroyed and I believe it was not easy to be a child. Reading was probably the only way Ophelia had to escape the horrendous moments she had to live. And it was very well reflected in the movie by Guillermo del Toro.

Otra vez, gracias por venir y nos vemos el próximo 11 de agosto otra genial película:

Volver de Almodóvar.

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Nos vemos!



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