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Delicious Peruvian food in Angel

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A few months ago I travelled around Peru and discovered a taste for Peruvian food. So I decided to look for a Peruvian restaurant in London and I found a great one next to Angel, in Essex Road.

Peruvian dishes are based around worldwide ingredients and Tierra Peru has a variety of dishes that make you want to order everything.

One of the most famous dishes is Ceviche, which is raw fish marinated with lemon juice with onions, chilli peppers, salt and pepper, but my favourite dish is Lomo saltado which is a stir fry that combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes, chilli, coriander, parsley and is served with rice and potatoes , which I ordered from their menu below.

Peruvian food has everything: salads, a big range of soups, fish, vegetables, cereals and meat. Not only do they have amazing food but they also have great drinks and my favourite is Cusqueña negra beer and of course Pisco sour.

Pisco is the national drink and is made by distilling fermented grapes; similar to Spanish “Orujo” or Italian “Grappa”. The most famous combination is Pisco sour which is pisco liquor combined with lime juice, egg white, syrup and Angostura bitters (see below).

1. Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.
2. Shake vigorously and strain into a highball glass or Champagne flute.
3. Garnish with a lime wheel and 3 gentle drops of Angostura Bitters, which will settle in the foam of the cocktail.
4. Using a straw, swirl the bitters into a simple design.

If you would like to try amazing Peruvian food and great Pisco sour I would recommend you to go Tierra Perú in Angel and if you say you’re a Vamos student you get 15% discount using reference ‘Crad’ (max. 4 per table).

Gracias y buen provecho!!!




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