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Frida Kahlo ‘Making Her Self Up Exhibition’ – Saturday 16 June

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This exhibition one of the most awaited events in London.

As you may know Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico on July 6 1907 and died on July 13 1954.

She is one of the most recognised Latin American female artist of the 20th century, widely known for her famous self-portraits and for empowering herself through art. Kahlo became a defiant feminist symbol.

After a horrid bus accident, she was self-taught and started to focus on painting, while she had been recovering in a plaster cast for a long period. Self-portraits, passion and love, pain, indigenous and Mexican culture, magic realism, and female experience are part of Kahlo’s reality, reflected in her painting through vibrant tones.

Would you like to know more about her colourful art and lifestyle? In which case, the exhibition will be displaying a mixture of photographs, self-portraits, and her clothing (skirts, coats, etc), jewelry, cosmetics, amongst other belongings.

Where this will be located? Just visit the lovely Victoria and Albert Museum where the exhibition will take place. There you will find more than 200 private possessions coming especially from the Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum) where she grew up.

The opening day will be on Saturday 16 June, and will stay open until 4 November, so grab your tickets asap by clicking on the link below:

You cannot miss out on this exciting opportunity to look at Kahlo’s artwork! It is such a privilege to have her art in London —as it is going to be the first time outside Mexico!

¡Espero que les fascine! I hope you love it!

Nereida Gómez

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