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Hola Vamos film lovers,

What a film to end the year and to enjoy with such great company.

For those who thought it would be an entirely sad film, well obviously some parts were, but on the other hand there were times that weren’t sad and in my opinion a happy end as Ramón achieved his goal.

I remember Ramón´s story always being in the news. He was the first person to tackle Spain’s lower courts, higher courts and even the European Commission on Human Rights in Strasbourg to end his life. His argument hinged on the fact that he was sure of his decision to die.

Some of you asked me what happened with Rosa, the girl that helped Ramón. Several days later Rosa (Ramona Maneiro in real life), was arrested and charged with assisting his suicide. But Ramón had divided the elements required to complete his suicide into individual tasks, each small enough that no single person could be convicted of assisting his suicide entirely. Maneiro was released due to lack of evidence as she said she only placed the glass and didn’t know there was poison in it. No further charges were ever filed in connection with Ramón’s death.

But seven years later, after the statute of limitations expired and Maneiro, speaking on a Spanish talk show, admitted to providing Ramón with a cyanide-laced drink and straw. She said “I did it for love.” She also said she turned on the video camera that recorded Ramón’s last words and that she was in the room behind the camera.

Gracias por otra noche magnífica y nos vemos en 1 de diciembre en la fiesta de navidad de Vamos.

Looking forward to seeing you also in January at the next cinema night.

Next time will be a comedy.


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