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Habana Blues 16 de junio 7.30pm

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Hola Comunidad Vamos.

The 16th June is coming!!! Why is 16th June important? Because will be the day that we will show our third Spanish film.

The first two movies were Argentinian and Spanish, now is the time to show a film that shows a bit of Cuban culture and music. As you probably guessed by the title – Habana Blues. It is important to show different movies from different countries because they reflect the different accents and different cultures.

Habana Blues is a 2005 Spanish and Cuban film by director Benito Zambrano. The film tells the story of two young musicians (Tito and Ruy) from Cuba that will come to Spain through a Spanish record company. Tito and Ruy would have to change their Cuba-themed lyrics to cater to an international audience. Ruy considers this a betrayal of his country and his art, whereas Tito recognizes the financial necessity of it. The film shows lots of Cuban music and its rhythm and also shows a bit of criticism of Cuban problems such as poverty and lack of freedom.

The film was very famous because the soundtrack is amazing. They won 2 Goya´s in 2005 (including best soundtrack) and also was broadcasted in Cannes Film Festival. You can have an idea by watching the movie trailer:

Did you know that Cuban music is often considered one of the richest and most influential regional music of the world? Cuban music comprises a large set of unique traditions influenced mostly by West African and Spanish music, usually mixing Spanish guitar with Afro-Cuban percussions and rhythms. One of the best examples of this music is “La Conga” or “Son Cubano”, Buena Vista Club Social helped to spread this music around the world.

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