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Last Friday’s film Relatos Salvajes

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Hola cine adictos,

Otra vez muchas gracias por una noche estupenda de cine.

For the first time I haven´t watched the movie that we were going to show and I am really glad we did, a big thank you to our teacher Elena Rodriguez who recommended the film. She told me that it was such a different movie and you almost you cannot predict at the beginning what is going to happen and she was right, the movie doesn’t allow you to disconnect a minute.

So, like Elena did, if you would like to recommend a film (it has to be in Spanish!!)), let us know and maybe in the future we can screen.

I spoke with some of you after the movie and you all mention that you realise that the accent and some words and expressions were different. You were all right, Argentinian accent is very influenced by Italian language and not only do they use different words but also different intonation and pronunciation. For example the way they pronounce “LL” and “Y” is different from Spanish people or “C” and “Z” where they use a sound more similar to “S”.

For the first time, I will give you some Spanish homework, below you can see some words that appear on the movie that are used by Argentinians and let´s see if you can predict or know what do they mean:

  1. La plata El padre/la madre
  2. Pasaje Loco
  3. El saco Imbécil/idiota
  4. Boludo/pelotudo Palabra usada para llamar la atención
  5. EL laburo Las gafas
  6. Che billete de avión
  7. Pibe La chaqueta
  8. Los anteojos El niño
  9. Tarado El trabajo
  10. El viejo/ La vieja El dinero
  11. Ir de joda salir de marcha/ salir de fiesta

The movie also allowed realising how Argentinians are, I love the way they are, were they always use jokes and a very sarcastic humour. You can specially see that in the three first scenes when the guys are on the plane and also when the guys are fighting on the car. You can also see some cultural tips, for example that tourist wants to learn tango, or the guy in the restaurant orders “papas a caballo” where is just fries with some egg in the top and when “Bombita” orders “facturas” in the bakery (Facturas are a kind of pastry).

From each short movie you receive a message but they all have something in common, revenge. It was difficult to choose which scene was my favourite but it is when the two guys in the car were fighting because it was funny and it shows a bit of Argentinian character, where men show that they are very brave when they are inside the car but later as we say in Spanish “por la boca muere el pez” (it is better to keep your mouth shut).

Which one was yours?

Gracias otra vez y nos vemos la próxima vez en el cine!


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