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Last Saturday’s paella class

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Hola Vamos estudientes,

Thank you again for a great day with our social events. On Saturday we enjoyed a Paella cooking class with the London Paella School. It was great to see so many smiles, high spirits and eat such good paellas.

Paella is one the most famous dishes from Spain and it was a pleasure to share the way it’s cooked with our students; that’s why we decided to run this class and I have to say your paellas were all better than mine.

For those who missed the class, we started with a lesson (in Spanish) to know a bit more about the ingredients, the origin of the dish and how to cook it. So when the Chef  Xavi (the master chef) explained the steps in Spanish we all understood the vocabulary. Afterwards he showed us how to cook and at the same time we could ask him any questions we had. He even told us the “rice trick” in order to know the amount of rice that we need to prepare the paella.

If you want to cook paella at home remember you can buy the ingredients such as Pimentón dulce, azafrán and even the paella pan at the London school paella website: 

In case you forgot some of the steps, click here for the recipe in Spanish:

And if you think you’re already a Paella Master then feel free to talk with the restaurant Jamón Jamón at the Christmas party as well as the teachers at Vamos.

In 2018 we will do more cooking courses, so every opportunity to become an expert in Spanish cooking.

Gracias y nos vemos el viernes en la fiesta de navidad.


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