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Misunderstood Expression Of The Week – Dormir como un tronco

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Like in English, this Spanish expression refers to someone who sleeps very well.


The origin goes back to Salamanca in the 14th century and a story that talks about Álvaro de Torregrossa, a Castellan nobleman and his daughter Blanca Flora.

A young Blanca met a rich Muslim merchant who she fell in love with. The merchant introduced himself to Blanca’s father with a big amount of riches, so he could have permission to marry her and take her to Granada.

Blanca’s father declined the offer, so the young daughter escaped with her lover in the middle of the night, leaving a log in the bed.


The next day her father went to the room and believing her daughter was sleeping didn’t want to wake her thinking she had been crying all night.

Finally, the father discovered the trick. As he was an unloved nobleman by his fellow citizens, people started making fun of him saying his daughter was sleeping like a log.

This story is very interesting, but it’s just a story as there is no evidence to prove it’s really true.

Next week we will learn a new one with real history ?



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