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Next Stop – Costa Rica (written by Carolina Garcia)

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It was about 30 degrees and it was raining and we took the boat, which would take us to one of the paradises of the world.

The sun suddenly rose and we were being witnesses of a great show, a wide variety of animals were coming out. The view of the calm caimans with their opened mouths, the song of birds, the howl of the monkeys, iguanas at the top of the trees…I thought that maybe Richard Attenborough might be behind the camera, but it was real.

I travelled with my partner and after our stay at Tortuguero we went to the south of the Caribbean coast by boat. One of the most amazing experiences that I’ve ever had; it’s not every day you can see crocodiles around you.

If you decide to do this journey you can surf along the beautiful beaches, ride a bike observing nature; enjoy diving in the blue waters.

There are many options to choose from. All the villages in the Caribbean have their own peculiarity and colourful landscape.

If you prefer mountains, there are many to choose in this incredible country. You can visit some dormant volcano such as the famous Arenal or hike through the jungle observing frogs and snakes. If you are scared of those animals you can bath in the hot springs. But after these strong emotions perhaps it’s time to have a rest on the Pacific Coast. Who doesn’t like drinking a cold Imperial beer or eating lobster in front of the beach.

Costa Rica offers a varied and rich gastronomic choice (e.g. Casado- a popular dish that consists of rice, beans and meat or fish. Gallo pinto- a popular breakfast which consists of rice and beans, eggs, cheese and sausages).

But if you are still not sure about going there, I will tell you that it’s one of the safest countries in Central America. The “ticos” (people from Costa Rica) are very friendly and you won’t regret having chosen to visit that astonishing country.

Now, you don’t have an excuse!


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  1. Carlos

    Arenal Volcano: thunder, lava eruptions, and smoke

    Carolina, thank you for sharing your adventures in Costa Rica.

    My family and I also had similar amazing adventure when we visited Costa Rica. A highlight was our visit to Arenal Volcano National Park. As we entered the park a we heard a dull roar overhead as if there was a jet plane flying, but we did not see any planes. As we walked, the brown and tan tropical dirt turned to black and grey lava rocks and dust. When we rounded a corner of the trail we were halted by a sign, “¡Peligro! ¡No avance!”. It was then as we looked up that we saw Arenal Volcano about 2 miles away from where we stood. The source of the jet sound we heard earlier was the roar of an active volcano! We watched in awe. The top of Arenal Volcano was spitting out molten lava boulders, some as big as small cars. A blanket of thick white smoke hung over the top of Arenal. The lava boulders would crash down the side of the volcano splitting up into smaller chunks of lava and leaving behind a trail of smoke. One side of Arenal was torn open. Red hot lava oozed from the tear along with a think plume of smoke. Later in the day we went to the park visitor’s center to learn more about Arenal and have dinner. As the sun set and darkness fell upon the park, the scene of hot molten boulders and oozing lava was especially impressive as a red fireworks and light show. Arenal Volcano National Park was truly a fantastic family experience.