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Ocho apellidos vascos (2014) Friday 9 February 7.30pm -10.30pm

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Hola cine adictos,

Nuevo año, nuevas películas.

Finally another movie night is coming, it has been a long time because of all Christmas festivities but finally we can come back to our second Friday of the month movie night. I have to admit that I missed going to the cinema and having good time watching the movie, having a drink and a pizza and having the chance to chat with students, so finally in two weeks’ time we will do it again.

Last year we saw some great movies, but don’t worry Hispanic cinema has lots more great movies. We’ve seen drama, mystery, action and musical and so we decided to start the year with the comedy “Ocho apellidos vascos”.

“Ocho apellidos vascos” is a film from 2014. It is a comedy that shows the difference between people from the north and south of Spain, so it is good fun while you learn some traditions from different Spanish regions. The best thing is that you could see the different ways of joking, enjoying life, food, dressing and accents. The film became the most watched Spanish film in Spain with more than 9 million viewers overtaking big films by lots of spectators.

The plot is about Rafa (Dani Rovira who has never left his native Seville, Andalucía until he meets a Basque girl named Amaia (Clara Lago) who resists his seduction techniques. Against his friends’ advice he follows her to Euskadi after she stays the night in his house and forgets her purse. A series of misunderstandings forces Rafa to impersonate a full-blooded Basque with eight surnames and he gets more and more entangled in that character in order to please Amaia. It is great to see how the main actor from the south forces himself to speak with a basque country accent to impress the girl.

Watch trailer below:

It was the main actor´s first movie, Dani Rovira and he got the Goya award for best actor; before this movie he was a comedian but never took part in movies, after his big success with the movie he started to play in other films such as 100 meters which I highly recommend and it is on Netflix.

For the first time, I would like to ask you to do some homework during the movie so later, while we have a drink, we can talk about it. As I mentioned, the movie talks about stereotypes about people from the south and north of Spain, so I would like you to pay attention which ones are they and after the film we would have a small debate and talk about our personal experience.

So, hurry up, book and I will see you on 9th February, well hopefully I will see you earlier in our conversation and tapas night which will be on Friday.



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