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Hola paelleros y paelleras ,

Gracias, muchas gracias a todos los estudiantes por venir el sábado a los cursos de paella.

Thanks for making possible another successful Vamos event and for having always a big smile while we were cooking paellas.

When we thought about this course the idea was to show how to cook the most famous Spanish dish and at the same time practise vocabulary and Spanish. Well I believe it worked. I could see students practising Spanish with their cooking partner and also by listening the chef´s instructions in Spanish.

I believe we all learn things. You learnt about instructions, Paella history and difference between paellas; and I learnt that the saucepan where we cook the paella is not called “paellera” but “paella” and that we can cook a paella with cabbage, garlic and potatoes and its tastes delicious.

As I said earlier, I loved all the big smiles and positives vibes while cooking and later eating; the idea was to have a more relaxed way of practising the language and it worked. I think the beers also helped a little bit. Not only did we learn how to cook, but you also cooked some very tasty paellas and I have to say that as I tasted all of them they were incredible.

Let’s try to make more cooking events like that with other recipes.

Click here for a link for the Paella recipe in Spanish.

Now you can now prepare a paella for your friends and teachers.


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