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Hola! Welcome to my first Vamos Blog!

I’m going to explore many new ways of helping you to learn Spanish!

From basic Spanish to advanced. Including vocabulary, games and fun activities – and everyone is welcome!!!

The Spanish we teach you in the school gives you structure and covers grammar topics like “ser and estar” and “subjunctivo”…things you need to know to speak and understand the language.

But with my weekly blogs I will give ‘memory tricks’ to help you learn and acquire an immersion in the language.

Languages are not something you should study, but rather live and enjoy.

One piece of advice – “consistency” is the key to everything.  Like developing habits and doing a little bit of language learning every day.

You can spend as much or as little time as you like learning Spanish. It’s all about what goals you set for yourself and how to use whatever time you have available throughout the day.

So what activities can we do for people with little time?

Let’s discover new ways of learning Spanish and once you start incorporating these tips into your daily routines, you’ll find you’re making big gains!



Label your surroundings. Make labels for every object in your world at both work and home!

IMG_1739 IMG_1737

2. PODCASTS “can give you ears”

At the beginning just focuses on the rhythm and accent of the language and the musicality and enjoy.



Let’s not be shy we all do it… it’s not that crazy to think out loud, so do it in Spanish!!!

images (1).jpg3


Hangman, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo….



Spanish in your kitchen, you can also find delicious recipes and write your shopping list also in Spanish!!!

comida blog (1)


6. What’s up!!!!


Another great way to learn new words is by associating them with images.

Have you tried to send emoji’s and let your friend guess your text?

Well let’s stop talking now and put some Spanish music on!!

I want to show you a very popular song represented by iMovie’s. I  know you will love it and you will understand more than you can imagine!


Hope you enjoyed this first blog!

Amaya x

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  1. siteadmin

    This is a great post. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Steve

    Thanks Amaya. I like the idea of a post-it word and phrases board placed somewhere in continual view.

  3. Cristina Padovano

    These are great tips Amaya!

    I never thought about whatsapp as a way of learning a language. Sounds like really fun!

  4. Susana Martinez

    I love this tips Amaya! 🙂 The idea of using post it to label objects in Spanish is fantastic! Podcast are also an excellent tool to listen and practice the language. With this tips there is no excuse to learn Spanish!

    ¡Gracias! 🙂

  5. Jessica Blanco

    Hola Amaya! Thanks for your post. I am sure my students will find it very useful, especially those who are in the first levels.
    I have a visual memory and love the idea of labelling everything with post-it. 😉

  6. Sandra Caballer

    I had my whole house covered in labels when I lived with people learning Spanish. Quick and easy way to learn a language without too much effort. Repetition is key sometimes!

  7. Joe

    ¡Me gusta esta entrada! Mi consejo favorito es las ‘Post-it’ notas o las etiquetas. Yo empecé etiqueté objetos en mi casa esta semana. Yo tengo aprendí nuevo palabras ya. ¡Muchas gracias Amaya!

  8. Martin

    Muchas gracias Amaya, muy util

  9. Ann

    One other tip to share… Conversation Exchange is a language exchange site where you can meet spanish speakers in person or online to practice your spanish and to help them practice their English. Really useful! I’ve met up with a few people through this and I would recommend!

  10. Sid

    Amaya gracias por la canción 20 de abril, de Celtas Cortos que he escuchado hoy. ¡Fue divertido!