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Friday’s Volver

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Hola chicos,

Otra vez muchas gracias por una noche muy divertida.

Again we had great night and this time even better with the new pizzas from Firezza.

The movie was a great choice and one of my favourite films from Almodóvar because it’s a drama, but at the same time there are plenty of scenes where you can laugh. It shows how people live in Spain and the great contrast between the people who live in a big city like Madrid and a small village.

A big part of the movie takes place in La Mancha where Almodóvar comes from (also famous for Don Quijote and you can see how windy some parts of this region are and why they have so many windmills.

I loved how Raimunda and her family always cooked traditional food and sweets such as ‘rosquillas’ and ‘mantecados’ (a kind of doughnut and biscuit) and that reminded me of similar family occasions at my grandmother’s village and getting spoiled with so much food and traditional desserts.

A great performance by Penélope Cruzz who was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress. The movie reflects how a much of a survivor Raimunda is and how she manages to overcome problems by working hard. I loved the part where, with the help of neighbours, she cooks lunch for 30 people – a 4pm lunch!

Did you know that in the scene where she sings the famous “Volver” song is not her voice but the famous cantaora, Estrella Morente? The song was originally a tango written by Carlos Gardel, the worldwide tango singer from Argentina.

Muchas gracias a todos y nos vemos proximo mes.


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  1. matthew demwell

    A great film and a great night out! These film nights are a “must do”. Many thanks Enric & Vamos.