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London Spanish Film Festival 24 -30 September

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Watching films is simple fun, entertaining and interesting! It is also a great way of practicing your Spanish skills. The London Spanish Film Festival (24 -30 September) will feature some of the best recent films from Spain including documentaries and shorts.

For those at the beginning of your learning experience watching films is a great way of connecting with the culture and getting used to the natural flow and sounds of the language. Those who’ve been learning for a while but are not completely fluent will benefit from learning new expressions, improving your pronunciation and sound more natural. For our advanced students who’ve been in the journey for a long time is a great opportunity to practise everything you’ve learnt, recognise different accents and why not learn some new slangs to show off with your friends.

Ocho apellidos Vascos

Ocho apellidos Vascos

Why watching movies is a great way of practicing your Spanish?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Movies tend to use natural conversational Spanish.
  3. You get an insight into a different culture.
  4. Talking about a famous Spanish / Latin American movie is a great way to connect with your Spanish-speaking friends.
  5. You expose yourself to the language.

Tips for learning Spanish with films:

1. Watch a movie you have already seen.

You can focus all your attention on the language, as you already know the plot. Once you feel brave enough deactivate the subtitles!

2. Watch children movies (I promise no one will judge you).

The good thing about children movies is that the dialogues are easier to understand using less complicated words and talking slower.

3. Watch a movie with your friends

A good experience is always worth sharing it so what better way of socialising and practicing your Spanish at the same time. Meet your friends/classmates/ partners/ neighbours and watch a movie in Spanish. You can discuss the plot, talk about the characters, see who understood most new expressions, etc. You make the challenge!

So by know you should know what you have to do…Get together with a friend, buy some tickets for the Spanish Film Festival and don’t forget your popcorns!

To have a look to featured films, times and venues please check this website:

Enjoy it!


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  1. Maciej

    Omg thanks for putting this up!!! Really good to know about the event- I love Spanish films so maybe I can attend this one 🙂 anybody up for it?

  2. Sandra Caballer

    I learned English with music and movies. It’s a great way to learn. I did exactly the same. First learn the plot and then change the language to Spanish with subtitles in your own language. have both language and subtitles in Spanish to read what you hear. Amazing!!! 🙂

  3. Peter Catleugh

    Thanks for bringing this festival to our attention. I managed to go to 2 films ‘Las Ovejas No Pierden El Tren’ and ‘El Último Adios de Bette Davies’. The first was a funny comedy and the second was a bit of history relating the last public appearance of one of Hollywood’s first superstars. I had to use the sub-titles this time but I hope my Spanish will be much improved next year and I can just enjoy the films.

  4. Jimmy Bowyer

    !Gracias, me gusto mucho!

  5. Neil Larkin

    Thanks for letting us know about this Andi, i managed to see ‘Las Ovejas No Pierden El Tren’ which was preceded by the short film ‘Con Buenas Intenciones’. Both films were worth the visit although i am probably biased about the short film as i know the talented director. If you come across something like this again please post it on the blog as it is a good way to improve and learn Spanish even if you have to read the subtitles for the majority of the film.

  6. Maciej

    Noticia Rapida!!! Si quieres ver las peliculas en Espanol, este fin de semana (08/10-11/10) en la Embajada de Venezuela es un film festival- peliculas de Ecuador: La entrada es gratis 🙂