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Christmas Party 2018

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Nearly 200 students and teachers celebrated Vamos 7th Christmas party at Wahaca in Islington last Friday. Wonderful live music, delicious food and beverages, and some very serious karaoke singers made the party a huge success for another year. A big thank you to all that attended, it was a pleasure to celebrate the holiday season with all of you! The party started with a band of Mariachis and a great selection of snacks and nibbles, with everything from nachos and…

El auge de la ultraderecha

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Hace tan solo un mes publicamos un artículo sobre el partido político español de extrema derecha Vox titulado “Make Spain great again”. En el artículo hablábamos de la repentina popularidad de Vox, y de lo sorprendente que es que un partido ultraderechista consiga tanto apoyo en España, donde el recuerdo de la dictadura franquista sigue muy presente. Sin embargo, jamás hubiésemos podido imaginar que Vox llegase al Parlamento tan rápido. Pero, en España, lo imposible puede suceder.

The Copla Musical

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Have you ever heard of copla? It is a traditional Spanish musical genre that flourished during the first half of the 20th century. Also known as canción española (Spanish song), copla is rooted in the cultural identity of the country, but it has remained largely unknown outside of Spain… until now.

El futuro de Gibraltar tras el Brexit

B2 (levels 11-14) Noticias de la semana featured Noticias de la semana

El presidente del Gobierno español, Pedro Sánchez, y la primera ministra del Reino Unido, Theresa May, han firmado un acuerdo “histórico” sobre Gibraltar. El acuerdo se firmó el fin de semana pasado, justo antes de que la Unión Europea aprobase el Brexit. Tan solo dos días antes, Sánchez había amenazado con vetar el Brexit si no se llegaba a un acuerdo.

Don Quixote

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Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember… Do you recognise this sentence? Hint: it is the first sentence of the most outstanding piece of work of Spanish literature (and one of the greatest works of literature ever written!). Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, of course! The famous novel arrives at London theatres adapted by James Fenton and performed by David Threlfall as Don Quixote and Rufus Hound as Sancho Panza.