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Misunderstood expression of the week -‘dar gato por liebre’

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Spanish use this expression in a metaphorical way, but its origin from centuries ago is real. Continue reading if you want to know why. In medieval days hostelries were unpopular because of the food they served. The most common technique was to give cat meat when customers asked for hare. Today Spanish use this expression when someone tries to cheat with something similar but inferior. But this was not the only scam they made. True or not, other tricks were…


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Antes cuando te preguntaban de dónde eras y decías español o española, siempre recibías respuestas muy similares como “¡Ah!, Barcelona” o “Madrid” o “Messi” o “la paella”, ahora te suelen decir: “¿española?, ¡ah! la Casa de Papel”. Pues, esta serie española, desde que la empezaron a emitir en Netflix, se ha convertido en un éxito internacional, especialmente en Francia, Italia, Brasil, Argentina y Turquía. En España, sin embargo, tuvo un éxito discreto, y esto puede deberse a la forma de…


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1932 was the year for Picasso, his most creative and erotic period. Pablo Picasso The Dream (Le Rêve) 1932, Private Collection © Succession Picasso/DACS, London 2018 Looking at the work he created during this year, we see that he clearly proved his ambition in this period of his career: he wanted to create as much work as possible to show he was the best artist alive. That year, along with the desire to shine amongst his coetaneous like Matisse, Picasso developed his…

Have fun learning Spanish with our soap in Madrid

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    Here’s a book you won’t want to to put down – our new comic strip ‘Cava Baja’ set in Madrid, where we follow the adventures of flatmates Marco, Belén, Sara and Tony. The early episodes are for beginners, but then it gets more challenging as the story unfolds. Here we introduce the main characters. The episodes all have learning activities.     Go to Episode 1