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Friday’s Celda 211

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Hola Chicos, What a great night we had again!! And again big thank you to all people that came and is making possible to run the Cinema Club. It was great to see familiar faces from the last movies films and also see new faces that enjoy our social night. It was also great to see students practising their Spanish while having a great pizza. I could see some faces a bit shocked after the movie, it was an intense…

Celda 211 (2009) – Friday 13 October 7.30pm

Blogs and social events

Hola chicos, Winter is coming and what better way to spend an evening than at a private cinema with Vamos. Next week we’re showing the movie Celda 211. After last month’s Argentinian movie (thank you to the students who came and for having patience despite some technical problems), the next two movies are from Spain. Celda 211 is a very different movie from the films we’ve been seeing. This time we’re going to see an action movie! The film is…

Saturday’s paella cooking classes

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Hola paelleros y paelleras , Gracias, muchas gracias a todos los estudiantes por venir el sábado a los cursos de paella. Thanks for making possible another successful Vamos event and for having always a big smile while we were cooking paellas. When we thought about this course the idea was to show how to cook the most famous Spanish dish and at the same time practise vocabulary and Spanish. Well I believe it worked. I could see students practising Spanish…

Meatatarian Delight at Buen Ayre

Blogs and social events

I love a good steak. I love it so much I have been to quite a few nice places in London trying to find the right one. Let me tell you something, you don’t need to go super fancy to find perfection. It’s at Buen Ayre, right in one of the trendiest places in London, Broadway Market. John Patrick Rattagan is not just a chef. He is an Asador. This means that the food is cooked on a traditional Argentine grill.…

Nueve Reinas (2000) – Friday 15 September 7.30pm

Blogs and social events

Hola Chicos, The next cinema night is coming, so it means just one week to have some good fun watching a movie, learning a bit more of Spanish and culture and catching up with other students while having a glass of wine, beer and a pizza. The last 2 movies were Spanish, this time is an Argentinian movie, and I highly recommend you come because it’s one of my favourite movies in Spanish. Nueve Reinas is a 2000 Argentine crime drama…