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Delicious Peruvian food in Angel

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A few months ago I travelled around Peru and discovered a taste for Peruvian food. So I decided to look for a Peruvian restaurant in London and I found a great one next to Angel, in Essex Road. Peruvian dishes are based around worldwide ingredients and Tierra Peru has a variety of dishes that make you want to order everything. One of the most famous dishes is Ceviche, which is raw fish marinated with lemon juice with onions, chilli peppers, salt and pepper, but my favourite dish…

Spanish arts and culture tours 24 June 11am

Blogs and social events

¡Hola chicos! Have you heard about our Spanish arts and culture tours at some of London’s famous museums and galleries. The best collections in London can be found at the National Gallery, the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum and each tour would be two hours. For example the Tate Modern has one of the best collections of Picasso’s art and some of the finest pieces by Salvador Dalí. Imagine enjoying Picasso’s Cubism and Dali’s surrealism. The cost is…

Habana Blues 16 de junio 7.30pm

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Hola Comunidad Vamos. The 16th June is coming!!! Why is 16th June important? Because will be the day that we will show our third Spanish film. The first two movies were Argentinian and Spanish, now is the time to show a film that shows a bit of Cuban culture and music. As you probably guessed by the title – Habana Blues. It is important to show different movies from different countries because they reflect the different accents and different cultures. Habana…

Segunda peli: Todo sobre mi madre

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Hola chicos y chicas, Thanks again for coming yesterday to the Cinema Club. It’s great to see that students are loving the idea to watch a Spanish movie with Vamos because like that we can all learn a lot. I could see plenty of faces that also came the first movie so a big thank you! It looks that we are on our way to make the Cinema club a tradition as we have with our monthly conversation class and…

Todo sobre mi madre – 12 de mayo 7.30pm

Blogs and social events

Hola chicos, Qué tal todo? Only 10 days until our next Cinema club and I hope you look forward as much as I do. Last month we had an amazing time and an amazing movie with ‘El secreto de sus ojos’ and we believe this month will be even better. The Cinema Club will be something we will organise monthly, the same format as conversation and tapas, every second Friday of the month. I know I promised some activities after…