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Misunderstood expression of the week -‘dar gato por liebre’

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Spanish use this expression in a metaphorical way, but its origin from centuries ago is real. Continue reading if you want to know why. In medieval days hostelries were unpopular because of the food they served. The most common technique was to give cat meat when customers asked for hare. Today Spanish use this expression when someone tries to cheat with something similar but inferior. But this was not the only scam they made. True or not, other tricks were…

FROM MADRID TO HEAVEN – by Carolina Garcia

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Its name originally comes from the Arab word “Mayrit” which means “main stream” due to a large amount of water that they found in this city at that time. However the river crossing the country’s capital is not very abundant today. Despite not having the most beautiful river in the world you shouldn’t miss the charm of this magical place where nobody asks you where you are from. If you want to visit the most multicultural neighbourhood in Madrid I…

Misunderstood Expression Of The Week – Dormir como un tronco

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Like in English, this Spanish expression refers to someone who sleeps very well.   The origin goes back to Salamanca in the 14th century and a story that talks about Álvaro de Torregrossa, a Castellan nobleman and his daughter Blanca Flora. A young Blanca met a rich Muslim merchant who she fell in love with. The merchant introduced himself to Blanca’s father with a big amount of riches, so he could have permission to marry her and take her to Granada. Blanca’s…

Misunderstood expression of the week – Estar en el quinto pino

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When we say that something is in ‘el quinto pino’ we are indicating that it is far away. There is a funny part of this expression because actually the fifth pine existed in Madrid in 18th Century and it was located with four other pines in the antique Paseo del Prado. Philip V ordered these 5 beautiful trees should be planted in one of the most important streets in Madrid, which at that time was Paseo del Prado – from…

Feel The Roar – A Tradition Yet To Be Discovered – Paloma Morcillo

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With Easter just around the corner, it’s probably time to start planning a quick getaway from London’s busy streets. Fancy something different? Then, bear with me and learn about one of Spain’s oldest, but most unknown traditions: the tamboradas.   A bit of history Tamborada refers to a massive concentration of drums in the streets of some Spanish cities and towns during Holly Week celebrations. The drums used are handmade, often inherited from older members of the family, and usually…