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Delicious Peruvian food in Angel

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A few months ago I travelled around Peru and discovered a taste for Peruvian food. So I decided to look for a Peruvian restaurant in London and I found a great one next to Angel, in Essex Road. Peruvian dishes are based around worldwide ingredients and Tierra Peru has a variety of dishes that make you want to order everything. One of the most famous dishes is Ceviche, which is raw fish marinated with lemon juice with onions, chilli peppers, salt and pepper, but my favourite dish…

Venezuelan Charity Event

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Enjoy a fantastic night of Venezuelan culture this Saturday 24th June, thanks to the charity event hosted by Wimbledon Football team and Liqui-Liqui in Aid of the Medical Crisis in Venezuela. “La Fiesta de San Juan” celebrates the patron of Venezuela by bringing a taste of Venezuelan culture, music and food. Traditionally, the night of “La Fiesta de San Juan” is filled with dancing to the beat of ‘tambores’, a fusion of Latin American and African drumming, and a variety of distinctive…

La situación en Venezuela

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Cuando la crisis económica, social y política por la que pasa Venezuela no parece más que agudizarse, el presidente del país, Nicolás Maduro, ha decidido convocar una Asamblea Nacional Constituyente el próximo 30 de julio. Pero parece que la decisión de Maduro, en vez de calmar los ánimos, haya incentivado las protestas que ya vienen tomando lugar en los últimos tiempos. La oposición, entre la que se encuentra Henrique Capriles (dos veces candidato a la presidencia del país) y otros…

Spanish arts and culture tours 24 June 11am

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¡Hola chicos! Have you heard about our Spanish arts and culture tours at some of London’s famous museums and galleries. The best collections in London can be found at the National Gallery, the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum and each tour would be two hours. For example the Tate Modern has one of the best collections of Picasso’s art and some of the finest pieces by Salvador Dalí. Imagine enjoying Picasso’s Cubism and Dali’s surrealism. The cost is…

Juan Miguel Palacios: Wounded

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Juan Miguel Palacios, a Spanish artist living in New York launches his first solo exhibition at Lazarides (central London) from 23rd June to 22nd August. Lazarides is famous for showing works from artists whose style is ‘outside the conventional, contemporary art market’. The gallery welcomes Juan Miguel Palacios’ ‘WOUNDED’ exhibition, which features a wide range of hidden emotions that lie behind a happy face while actually revealing the true feelings beneath the façade. For more details about this exhibition please select the link below. Andrea