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July and August Hispanic events

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Hola chic@s, What a great summer we are having in London. It looks like we are enjoying our lessons in our school in Valencia, which by the way we have incredible pictures of the groups that went last week. Again another month with great events related with Hispanic culture: Che Malambo (18-22th July in Peacock theatre): For the first time in the UK, after wildly successful performances across North America and Europe, the all-male Argentinian percussive dance and music sensation…

June and July Hispanic events

Hispanic London

Hola chic@s, Summer is coming and there are lot of Spanish events that you will be able to enjoy in London. It looks like everything is only focus on football but if you do not like football, do not worry! In this blog you will find other things to do. Spanish rhapsody (23rd June 19:30 in Orpington Village Hall): An evening of music and dance evoking the rich and varied colours of Spain.World renowned artists, classical guitarist Xuefei Yang &…

Festival of Spanish Theatre 1 1 -24 June

Hispanic London

Theatre can be an incredible instrument for learning a second language and this is a unique experience of Spanish theatre for all levels. Not only because of the obvious reason of exposing yourself to the language in any possible way, but also because theatre can  provide a rich cultural experience. Culture plays a huge part in a language, so when you learn Spanish you could be learning those extra bits like social conventions, the use of body language in the…

La Clave festival 2018 – June 9, 1pm to 9pm

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Hola chicas y chicos, Did you visit last Feria de Londres in the Southbank? And if so, did you have fun? If you saw the event and would like another party then this blog is for you. And if you missed it and you’re wondering when is the next Hispanic festival, don’t worry there’s one coming. All you have to do is read this blog. The festival is called “La Clave” and I believe its slogan explains it all: The…

Feria de Londres – South Bank, Friday 25th May to Sunday 27th.

Hispanic London

Hola chicas y chicos, As you probably know in Spain we like to have fun and we always try to find a good excuse to celebrate something. Well it looks like this tradition is coming to London. In Spain, every small town always has a “fiesta mayor” usually in honour of a Saint or Virgin. In the South of Spain those celebration are called “Ferias”. Probably the most famous ones are “Feria de abril” in Sevilla and “Feria de Málaga”.…