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No tener dos dedos de frente – Misunderstood expression of the week

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“Tener dos dedos de frente” is a common Spanish phrase used to say that someone is smart and levelheaded. As you might have guessed, “no tener dos dedos de frente” means the exact opposite: ‘not to be very smart‘ or, as Donald Trump would say, ‘to be dumb as a rock‘. The literal meaning, however, is ‘not to have a two-finger forehead‘ (in other words, to have a forehead that measures less than two fingers – placed sideways – in…

Montar un pollo – Misunderstood expression of the week

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“Montar un pollo” means, literally, ‘to ride a chicken‘, so the expression can seem quite surprising at first (to say the least). As it turns out, “montar un pollo” is actually a widely-used idiom meaning ‘to make a scene‘. For instance, “Mi profesora ha montado un pollo porque he llegado tarde a clase” translates as ‘My teacher made a scene because I was late to class’. This unusual idiom actually derives from “montar un poyo“. A “poyo”, with Y, is…

How is Christmas celebrated in Spain?

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It’s that magical time of year again when the streets are filled with lights, decorations and people shopping for gifts. It’s that time of year when children’s eyes shine with enthusiasm and we all become a little bit more cheerful, more solidary. Christmas is a time in which we all seek to enjoy with our loved ones, reunite with family and old friends, and share family traditions.

¿Cómo se celebra la Navidad en España?

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Se acerca la Navidad, esa mágica época del año en la que las calles se llenan de luces, de adornos y de gente buscando regalos, en la que los ojos de los niños brillan con entusiasmo e ilusión, y en la que todos nos volvemos un poquito más alegres, más solidarios. Es una época en la que buscamos disfrutar junto a nuestros seres queridos, reencontrarnos con familiares y viejos amigos, y compartir las tradiciones en familia.

Christmas Party 2018

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Nearly 200 students and teachers celebrated Vamos 7th Christmas party at Wahaca in Islington last Friday. Wonderful live music, delicious food and beverages, and some very serious karaoke singers made the party a huge success for another year. A big thank you to all that attended, it was a pleasure to celebrate the holiday season with all of you! The party started with a band of Mariachis and a great selection of snacks and nibbles, with everything from nachos and…