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Las Fallas de Valencia

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Is time to talk about a very famous festivity in Spain, which is “Las Fallas” in Valencia.

If you think that in Spain we have more bank holidays than the rest of Europe, you are almost right, and when there is a bank holiday it must be celebrated properly – and during this time of the year that is what they do in Valencia.

19 March is San José, which is Father’s Day in Spain but it’s also “Las Fallas” time.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain.  It is famous for the most known Spanish dish “La Paella” and Valencia’s patron is San José and this is a reason to go wild and celebrate “Fallas”. But what is a “Falla”?

“Las Fallas”, as all Spanish fiestas, is a mix of music, tradition and fire – but overall fire!

From 15th to 19th March large structures made of wood, cardboard and paper are exhibited in the streets of Valencia. Those structures are pieces of art and on average they take months to build.

They are satiric representations that show and criticize different aspects of local and Spanish actuality: famous politicians, actors, business people, sportsman…..

It is important to put effort in the preparation and this is a reason why there are artists specialised in making “Fallas” because there is a jury that awards best” fallas” and that means plenty of reputation for the artist and “Comisión Fallera”*


The festivity is more than 200 years old and apparently its origin was to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when local people started to burn old furniture to purify their houses with the fire.

If you go to Valencia during this time, you will find more than 600 Fallas on the streets. During this time you cannot miss:

  • Pasacalles: music parade that walks around the city
  • Verbenas: different parties organized on the streets at night. Organised by local people.
  • Mascletá: firework spectacle that takes place every day during two weeks in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. For 5 minutes thousand of gunpowder kilos are set on fire and the sound can be heard from many kilometres away.

Image 2

But the party has to come to an end and on 19th March those beautiful structures are set on fire, this is known as “La Cremá”. The last “Falla” to be burnt will be the “Falla” voted as the winner.

All “Fallas” are set on fire, except one little statue that will be absolved “Ninot indultat” and that “Fallas” will join the “Museo de las Fallas”with other “Ninot indultats” from the last two centuries.


Image 3

Other important festivities that will come in future will be “La Feria de abril”, “La Tomatina”, “San Fermín” and “Sant Jordi”.

* Comisión Fallera is a group of member that organize one Falla.

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  1. Diana Pollan

    Thanks for the post!

    Today, the 19th of March, is Father´s day in Spain and the last day of Fallas. I would love to be there right now!

    Hope the weather is good in Valencia today, as the probability of rain is quite high. Check out the latest news from Fallas:

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