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Dramatised readings in Spanish at Cervantes theatre

Hispanic London

For lovers of literature and theatre, here you have an enjoyable event where you will also be able to put your Spanish skills into practice.

On November of 2016 Cervantes Theatre opened in London, the first venue in the capital dedicated to showcasing Spanish and Latin American plays to British audiences. This month and with the collaboration of Acción Cultural Española, the theatre is presenting the first annual season dedicated to the promotion of new Spanish writing.

There are three dramatized readings of the plays Verano en diciembre by Carolina África, Litus by Marta Buchaca and El pequeño poni by Paco Bezerra, as well as a whole production of the play La Golondrina by Guillem Clua.

A dramatised reading means that whilst the play is performed by professional actors, they hold the script in their hands. Also there won’t be scenography or costumes. Think of it as an upgraded version of a reading at home, in which you can specially practice your listening skills!

Verano en diciembre is the sweet story of an all-female family in which four generations of women fight desperately to separate from each other, but remain necessarily together.

Litus portrays the reunion of a group of friends three months after one of them died, on a night when their secrets and tensions will be revealed.

El pequeño poni is a play about bullying, the painful reality that many kids suffer at school while adults stay blind and socially biased.

The readings will be performed in Spanish or English depending on the dates:

18th September: El pequeño poni – reading in Spanish

19th September: The little pony – reading in English

20th September: Verano en diciembre – reading in Spanish

21st September: Summer in December – reading in English

22nd September: Litus – reading in Spanish

23rd September: Litus – reading in English

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