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Dual Year: Mexico & UK

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Are you passionate about music? Do you love films? Then why not mix them up with Mexican culture?

This year the governments of Mexico and the UK have decided to celebrate the “Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom” and the “Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico”. The idea is to promote a better understanding between these two countries.

Did you know that Mexico is becoming part of London?! We’re surrounded by its language (hola amigo!), culture (el día de muertos), food (Tacos!!), music, cinema and marvellous people (Salma Hayek and Gael García Bernal).

That’s why we can enjoy many different events related to Mexican culture as part of the ‘Dual Year’.

There are many events, but our two suggestions for this week are:

The Raindance Film Festival

This is the largest independent film festival in Europe presenting a special selection of Mexican films, talks and industry events in central London from September 23rd to October 4th.

So enjoy the festival and let us know what you enjoyed the most!! 🙂

Concert by Aeon Duo

For those of you who enjoy classical and folk music, Aeon is an unconventional London based duo formed by Mexican pianist Eduardo Andrade and Finnish violinist Essi Kiiski who are performing their last extended concert on 24th September at St. Johns the Evangelist Church, Kensal Green.

Listening to music helps us learn new vocabulary and enjoy different rhythms while having fun! Just ask your teacher for some recommendations about Hispanic music and they will tell you about popular music in Spain and Latin America.

Do you already have a favourite?

To know more about Dual 2015 and its events click here

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  1. Cristina Padovano

    I totally agree with Carmen, music helps a lot. I would actually recommend a Mexican pop rock band called Maná. They’ve got a few Grammys and they’ve been around for years so I guess they must be good.

    Enjoy the festival!

  2. patricia

    Sure films are a very fun way to learn the language and culture! Don’t miss out some films that are already consider classics such as ‘ Y tu mamá también’ or ‘ amores perros’.

  3. Jessica Blanco

    Thanks for tell us! I didn’t know there was such a festival in London!