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What will the future bring to Cuba?

Noticias de la semana

This month Cuba celebrates “la Fiesta de la Cubanía”, a national festival that commemorates the pride of being Cuban and the duty of defending the national identity and culture through celebrations and conferences.

Some curious things about Spain you may not know

Noticias de la semana

Did you know Spain is the third most visited country in the world after France and United States? Barcelona is the most popular city having almost the double number of tourists than Madrid each year, but the most visited monument is not in Barcelona but in Granada and it is “La Alhambra”. Everyone knows the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, which is in part thanks to our excellent olive oil. Spain is the first (yes,…

Jonathan Hernandez, Vulnerabilia (demonstrations), 2008 - 2010


Hispanic London

Voces is a new and exciting photography exhibition showcasing the work of artists that come from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and who take their own culture and heritage as primary sources of inspiration combining photography with other techniques such as collage, silk-printing, painting, and archival documents. When people refer to Latin America there’s a general belief of common identity but even though some countries share a history marked by political and social upheaval what the exhibition wants to communicate…


Blogs and social events

For many years I stopped using paper dictionaries as I thought it was a lot faster to just use Google translate or similar. But then a lot of the things would get lost in translation. You can find thousands of examples of this on internet (like Chinglish, for example). So little by little, and without forgetting about the cool tools available on the internet, I went back to using a paper dictionary and here are some of the awesome things…

Not just a bedtime story…

Blogs and social events

I’ve been enjoying the songs Inés listed in her music blog and just as music can help you to relax, change your mood and increase your motivation, so does reading a good book! So I’m sure you might be guessing that my blog today is about reading and you are correct! Reading has great benefits such as improving your memory, writing and concentration abilities, reducing stress and producing cognitive stimulation. And it also makes you smarter! There’re many studies and researches that prove…